The company “MATEV" Ltd was founded in 1990 in the town of Haskovo and it is 100 % privately owned. The original activity of the company was production of zinc-coated water reservoirs for electric boilers and galvanic and metal services for customers from the region. Assistance in the form of credit from the Bulgarian-American Investment Fund contributes to the beginning of construction and equipment of technological line for production of electric boilers. The demand on the Bulgarian market, as well as the ambition to master up new technologies, imposed the construction of an enameling workshop. Only four years after its creation, the “MATEV” company closes the total production cycle and is present on the Bulgarian market for enameled, zinc-coated and stainless electric boilers. A new technological line for hot zinc coating of water reservoirs and details is put into exploitation since the beginning of 2002. The production program of “MATEV" Ltd also includes production of heating mantels and water reservoirs. The "MATEV" company is among the few Bulgarian producers who had the chance to be included in IBD – Bulgarian Industry Support project /Germany/. Within the period 1996 ti 1998 the company "MATEV" was visited by German consultants in the sphere of production quality and organization, commercial activity organization and advertising etc. Owing to their experience and knowledge they contributed to a great extent for the development of the company as a contemporary, modern and fast developing enterprise. The production and warehouse premises are situated on area of 5 500 square meters. A wide range of enameled, hot zinc coated, stainless and electrolyte zinc coated household boilers of 30, 50, 80,120, 150 and 200 l for vertical and horizontal mounting, as well as combined boilers with heat exchanger serpentine type are supplied to the domestic commercial net. The production of communal-household boilers 300 and 400 l with or without heat exchanger has been included in the production program since 2001. Service net of 80 service centers for warranty and after warranty boiler maintenance has been built-up in the country. The product quality and safety guarantee the establishment and the continuation on the Bulgarian market in times of competence and huge supply. Due to the accessible prices, the contemporary design and standard, many customers in the country prefer the boilers of the commercial brand MATEV. The major advantages of the electrical boilers MATEV: water reservoirs from 3 mm stain with guaranteed chemical composition and features, fast water heating due to the C KW heater, possibility to regulate the power by five degree switch, built-in anode protector in all enameled and chrome-nickel boilers, economic, due to the excellent thermal insulation of the vessel, reliability, due to the triple protection - thermal regulator, thermal limitation and back-pressure safety valve.

The company “MATEV" Ltd possesses

Brand Certifi cate No 32609 /18.02.1998 from the Patent Department of the Republic of Bulgaria ;

Industrial Pattern Certificate No3784 / 10.08.1999 from the Patent Department ;

Licence No37 / 2000 07 05 for marking the products with the sign of the Bulgarian Consumer Federation ;